Tuesday, February 23, 2010

v'na'hapoch hu

Not that all of her posts aren't good, but his particular observation my wife had about Purim (posted on her blog) is especially nice . What is the proof that Hashem, whose name is never openly mentioned in the Megillah, is the one who orchestrated the entire Purim story? Yisro tells Moshe, "Ata yadati ki gadol Hashem mikol haelohim ki vadavar asher zadu aleyhem" (Exodus 18: 11). It was not just the fact that the Egyptians were punished which captures Yisro's attention, but it was how they were punished -- the very means and plot that they attempted to use against Bnei Yisrael boomeranged back to strike them (see my wife's post for greater detail). Here too in the case of Purim, it is not just the defeat of Haman which cries out as miraculous, but it is the many cases of v'na'hapoch hu which occur in the story.

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  1. Another ve'nahapoch - since the foes of klal yisroel mobilised themselves they became visible and open to attack when the tables were turned. Otherwise we would not have known who our enemies were.

    pc :-)