Tuesday, February 09, 2010

the wisdom of Chazal -- an unlikely source

I knocked myself out last week posting a long R’ Tzadok on the distinction between the knowledge of Chazal, which emerges from Divine insight, and other chochmos, which are just knowledge. Lo and behold my Reform brothers and sisters have posted exactly the same message (link here). I don’t know if their proof texts are the best ones to use, but they at least they are open to the idea:
I believe these tales balance our lack of worldly power in this world with the abundance drawn from the Divine world. Whether it is the Bat Kol revealing secret knowledge or the superior knowledge gained through Torah, the message is that the Jews hold a higher truth that cannot be gained through worldly power. Not only do we answer to a Higher authority [like Hebrew National], but that same authority provides us with insight.

What is amazing is not that even a Rabbi whose first name is Amy sees these ideas in her study of Talmud -- what is amazing is that people who profess fidelity to halacha do not.

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