Wednesday, May 05, 2010

a rising tide lifts all boats

Among the brachos promised to Bnei Yisrael in Parshas Bechukosai is, “V’lo tigal nafshi eschem,” Hashem will not be repulsed by us. Given the tremendous gifts of the other brachos, e.g. more than bountiful crops, enemies falling on their own swords, peace in the land, etc., the bracha that Hashem will not be repulsed by us hardly seems much of a blessing at all!

The Netziv explains that this bracha is not directed to those who fulfill “Im b’chukosai tei'leichu,” but to the stragglers who do not. When the majority of the community lives a Torah life not only will they receive the tremendous brachos promised by the parsha, but even those who might fall through the cracks are promised that “lo tigal nafshi eschem,” Hashem will not abandon them.


  1. great unknown8:59 PM

    possibly implicit in v'sen sochor tov lchol habotchim be'shimcha be'emes - v'sim chelkeinu imahem...

  2. There are quite a few times in this week's sidra that brachos are not toluy on "im bechukosai..."


  3. anon13:29 PM

    THat actually works very well with the pasuk at the end of the tochacha -- veaf gam zos behiyosam be-eretz oiyvehem, lo meastim velo gealtim

  4. Anon1, see the Shem m'Shmuel on that, which was was going to post as well.