Sunday, July 04, 2010

extra sleep on shabbos

The Torah in Parshas Pinchas tells us to bring the daily korban tamid "baboker," each morning, but with respect to the korban musaf of shabbos it uses the expression, "b'yom hashabbos," on shabbos day. Based on the difference in language, the Rama (O.C. 281) quotes from rishonim that our davening, which corresponds to korbanos, should be scheduled later on shabbos than during the week. (Even though the word "yom" is used with respect to the korban musaf, the assumption is that the musaf immediately followed the tamid, and so a later musaf implies a later tamid/shacharis.) The Mishna Berura notes that later davening does not mean so late that one misses the zman of kri'as shema, but simply later than the normal weekday tefilah.

Is it permissible to daven at a hashkama minyan on shabbos? It seems that this din is not a real derasha, but is simply an asmachta. Davening later is a kiyum of oneg shabbos -- most people are happy to have an extra hour or two of sleep. However, if davening earlier brings you more oneg shabbos than sleep, then I imagine (you can ask a rabbi to be sure) that there is no issue.


  1. Anonymous11:25 PM

    doesnt this have to do with food preperation? isnt this discussed in the megillah around 21 and a shailoh in girsaos to maseches sofrim?

  2. Anonymous9:17 AM

    The Mishnah Berurah also brings the rashi Anon brings and disagrees entirely with the opinion for more see Here:

  3. Coincidentally, I was invited to a kiddush this past Shabbos. Kiddush, including cholent, was at Six Twenty A M. Not davenning, which was vasikin, Kiddush.

    I didn't go. But if you're interested in going for the record for most cholents tasted in one Shabbos, that's where you'd start.

  4. The M.B. is a bit difficult -- why would you pasken like Rashi against R' Hai Gaon quoted by the Rama, esp. when we are dealing with a derabbanan issue of oneg shabbos? You see the S.A. in 267:2 does not apply m'maharin lavo to shacharis, but rather to ma'ariv. To be machmir like Rashi is a chumra d'asi l'ydei kula if it interferes with your oneg shabbos (it seems as well that the idea of m'maharin lavo even according to rashi is just a din in oneg because you enjoy finishing earlier. I would say efshar l'tzeis y'dei shmeymen -- start later and don't shelp davening with singing, speeches, and mi shebeyrachs : )

    Did they have shnapps at this 6:20 kiddush as well?
    It so happens that we just got a new neighbor who religiously davens vasikin and would have liked to have a shabbos vasikin in the neighborhood. This is not the time of year to recruit for such a project.

  5. BTW, Anonymous #2, I assume you are different than Anonymous #1. Anonymous #1, are you the author of the Q/A on the other site, or is that an Anonymous #3?

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    anonymous number 1 speaking. my postings are limited to your site