Tuesday, March 01, 2011

purim redux

This Sefas Emes (5634) scares me a bit. Yes, Purim had a happy ending, but things were pretty tense until we got there.

It's annoying that I seem to have less and less time to writing this blog. Just thought I would mention that.


  1. Daas Yochid9:45 PM

    Don't you think we were already "yotzei" the melech ke'homon 70 years ago?

  2. Anonymous7:31 AM

    We really don't need the Sfas Emes to tell us that it's "אפשר". One might suggest that his "neis that would raise our hearts" is the establishment of the state, but the Sfas Emes would probably not appreciate that.

  3. An "efshar" of the Sefas Emes carries a little more weight than any of the many possible things that I might think can happen in the future. Second, I not sure why you are convinced the Sefas Emes would not look at the establishment of the state as the miracle in question. Efshar that he would.

    (I what the S.E. means is that the melech will try to get us, like Haman did, and we will be miraculously spared, like the Purim miracle. That did not happen 70 years ago).

    Daas Yochid - the right wing republican in me says maybe we are yotzei with Obama

  4. Beautiful Sfas Emes. Never saw it before. Thanks.