Monday, October 17, 2011

when to do shenayim mikra on braishis

I had this same question in other years but don't remember if I posted it. In theory you have until Shmini Atzeres / Simchas Torah to finish shenayim mikra on Zos HaBracha. Does that mean you can't start shenayim mikra on Braishis until after that? Usually you can start the upcoming week's parsha from after mincha on Shabbos the week before but not earlier -- but is this week's parsha Zos HaBracha, or Braishis?

Obviously, if you can only start Braishis on Simchas Torah, that doesn't give you a lot of time...


  1. Given the way things worked out, just keeping to the regular 1 parsha a week means you should have finished V'zos haBracha on Yom Kippur which means 2 whole weeks to get through Bereshis.
    And I think this week's parsha is technically V'zos haBracha since that's what we read at Mincha on Shabbos.

  2. There is no 1 week limit on shenayim mikra -- acc to some deyos you can catch up on a whole year as long as you finish everything by S"A. So that's why you get longer than Y"K to finish Zos HaBracha.
    Re: your point about leining at mincha, Shu"T Minchas Yitzchak in vol 10 (IIRC) was asked why we don't lein Braishis on Shabbos mincha, as that is the parshas hashavu'a. The answer is that the takana for leining of mincha on Shabbos always picks up immediately after where we left off in the morning -- it's a continuation of the previous week's leining, not a start to the new week.

  3. But it's a short parsha while one davka needs a couple of weeks to get through bereshis!

  4. Anonymous4:04 PM

    if "mincha on Shabbos" was established for those who don't
    attend Monday/Thursday readings
    (bava kama 82a), while the very rationale for those 2 readings is
    that no more than 3 days pass without Torah (82a), how does hearing Shabbos mincha extend the 3-day fix to the Shabbos only listener??