Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lo Sa'amod Al Dam Rei'echa

One of the explanations of the name “Adam” is that it is a combination of “aleph,” representing the “Alufo shel olam,” the singular presence of G-d, and “dam,” physical flesh and blood.
Lo sa’amod al dam rei’echa..”  (VaYikra 19:16) The Torah is warning not to get hung up about the “dam” portion of our neighbors.  So what if that person does not look so pretty or walk and talk just like us?  Ani Hashem,” the real essence of a person is the “aleph,” the portion of the “alufo shel olam” that is inside.  (Tiferes Shlomo)

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  1. אתם קרויין אדם ואין גויים קרויין אדם
    although there is an alternate girsa for the ending.