Friday, May 24, 2013

seeing in the dark

א"ר חנינא אמר הקדוש ברוך הוא עינים שיש בך יש בתוכן לבן ושחור ואין אתה רואה מתוך הלבן אלא מתוך השחור ומה אם עיניך שיש בתוכן שחור ולבן אין אתה רואה אלא מתוך השחור הקב"ה שכולו אורה הוא צריך לאורה שלכם

We expect that we will see Hashem from the lavan, the white and bright parts of life, the areas we put our kochos into, and I am speaking even of avodas Hashem.  However, writes the Sifsei Tzadik, the truth is that we see best from the shachor, from the amidst the darkness.  That's where we will experience growth and closeness to Hashem.  Hashem doesn't need our ohr; he can find us amidst the darkness as well.

A few weeks ago by Lag b'Omer I mentioned the yesod of the Ch. haRI"M that there is a nekudas chein that every Jew has in G-d's eyes.  Whatever you think that nekudah is, you are guaranteed to have it wrong, as "ha'adam yireh l'ynayim v'Hashem yireh l'leivav," so whatever we see, Hashem is looking at something even deeper. 

When Bnei Yisrael start complaining in our parsha, Moshe grows angry and then he turns to Hashem and asks, "Lamah lo matzasi chein b'einecha..." (11:11 - easy to remember).  What Moshe was asking was why it is that he not able to also see that nekudas chein which Hashem can see with his eyes. 

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