Wednesday, November 13, 2013


This is not meant as a political comment as the point has nothing to do with politics.  This past weekend the world came very close OKing an agreement that would inevitably have led to Iran obtaining nuclear weapons.  Only a blind fool (read: John Kerry) would think otherwise.  Amazingly, France stepped in and put a stop to the deal – for now.  But make no bones about it, we are far from out of danger. 

Question: where were we when these negotiations were taking place?

Did I miss the invitation to the tehillim asifa, like the one held a few months ago to protest against drafting yeshiva students?  Did I miss the gathering of 25,000 or more in Manhattan, just as was done then, to protest?  Did I overlook Agudah’s plan to address the issue of protecting Israel’s security at its convention?  Did I overlook the major Jewish organizations calling for each and every one of us to call our representatives to protest any removal of sanctions from Iran before they dismantle their uranium enrichment program?

What irks me is not the silence of so-called political friends of ours.  

What irks me is the silence within our own community.

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  1. John Kerry, and his boss, want Iran to get nuclear weapons. Only ... would think otherwise.

    The tehillim should have been said before the 2012 presidential election [oy, three years
    to go]. Today it comes under the rule of אין צועקין על העבר