Thursday, February 27, 2014

the situation is sad

1) If you want to appreciate the contribution of hesder, read this article by R’ Eliezer Melamed.

2) If you want to be sick, read this article about a letter sent by talmidei hesder to their Roshei Yeshivos asking them not to participate in the million man asifa out of fear for their safety.  Quotes such as this, from a chareidi newspaper, turn your stomach:

 "תמיד ידענו, שהעקימות השכלית, העיוות הדבילי, העיוורון התלמודי - כל מה שיוצר את הטפיל התורני המורה בתורה שלא כהלכה - הם המחלה הממארת של רבים מקרב ראשי ותלמידי ה'הסדר' ודומיהם במגזר הדתל"י..."

Why does the chareidi world think it needs to delegitimize the dati-leumi community, including important talmidei chachamim and Rabbanim, in order to advance their own agenda? 

And don’t ask me why the talmidim think they need to send a letter like this in the first place instead of just letting their Roshei Yeshiva make their own decisions.

3) Lastly, if you’re not sick enough, read this article.  In my opinion the hypocritical leftists who boycott Yehudah and Shomron are either A) plain vanilla anti-semites or B) fools serving as the tools of anti-semites.  How silly would it be if chareidi Jews joined in that boycott as a means of hurting the dati-leumi community? 
It’s a sad, sad situation all around.  No matter who you think is right or wrong, can't we all at least agree on that?
Haman uses a double lashon of "mefuzar u'meforad" - Why?  Maybe the pshat us that "pizur" is physical separation; "pirud" means even if we happen to live in the same place, we are a splintered people, with different factions and camps always fighting with each other.  Maybe that's why the tikun is to drink "ad d'lo yada."  "Im ain da'as, havdalah mi'nayin?"  If you put aside your own deyos to at least hear out the other side, then the havdalah between factions gets erased.

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