Monday, February 24, 2014

v'nahapoch hu

I take what I read in any newspaper with a big grain of salt.  That being said, if this report is accurate, the state of affairs in modern orthodox education is worse than I thought.  It’s been a week or so since tefillin-gate, and Ramaz is in the news again, this time because the students are protesting the decision of the faculty to not allow them to invite the notorious anti-semite Rashid Khalidi to speak in the school.  Hashem yerachem! 

Listen to Rav Gifter from the 52 minute mark: 

V'nahapoch hu: Rabbi Haskel Lookstein complained that Rav Shach incited hatred for other Jews, but his talmidim at Ramaz have no problem with inviting the likes of Rashif Khalidi to address them?! 

I’ve rewritten a few times what I wanted to post here and decided to just stop here.  Enough said - sadly, it's not going to make a difference.


  1. Don't get upset with Rabbi Lookstein. I'm certain that if his talmidim had invited Rav Shach, he would have cancelled that also.

  2. With the attempts by so many to introduce crazy new behaviors into what they insist is "Orthodox Judaism," I appreciate your reminding us of the famous lines from HaRav Gifter's speech, at 59;
    This is the terrible world in which we live, which is so alien to Torah. It is Orthodoxy. That's why I tell you that I'm not an Orthodox Jew. I try to be a Torah Jew. Not easy. Not at all easy. And I make many mistakes, contrary to what Torah wishes me to do. I'm not a Tadik. But I'm not an Orthodox Jew. I attempt to be an observant Torah Jew.