Thursday, July 10, 2014


You remember a few weeks ago when there was that massive tehillim rally held in downtown NY as a reaction against the planned draft of yeshiva students? It wasn't enough to say tehillim in your own beis medrash or yeshiva -- it had to be done b'farhesya and b'rov am so it would be picked up by the major news outlets. 

So where's the tehillim rally being held now?

Where and when is the gathering b'rov am taking place, so that every major news outlet shows the thousands and thousands of Jews coming together in support of the State of Israel?

What about renting Citifield or Yankee Stadium?  Surely the threat to human life can't be less important than avoiding the Internet, could it?

We could just gather to say tehillim – no politics involved.

That being said, when the time does come to involve politics, I eagerly await the condemnation of ymach shemam Obama and Kerry by every Jewish organization for their constant calls for "restraint" on the part of Israel and even recognition of Palestinian sovereignty even as our enemies rain missiles down on our civilian populations. I await the condemnation of Obama y’mach shemo for failing to say a word for days about the kidnapping and brutal murder of Israeli teens, in sharp contrast to his and his wife’s reaction to the kidnappings in Nigeria. I await the condemnation of Obama's y’mach shemo ridiculous op-ed printed last week in Ha’aretz that revealed his na├»ve views of the peace process. His warm words for the Palestinians and transparent dislike of Israel and Jews could not have been clearer. 

Unfortunately, I have a feeling it will be a long wait…


  1. Consider your waiting a subcategory of the 12th ani ma'amin.

  2. I don't know if a greater number of misplallelim makes it more effective. A minyan I don't understand either, but it's stated in Chazal thousands of times. But what difference does more people make? Maybe at certain numbers there is a greater hashra'as hashechina. Maybe not, maybe the quantitative difference is nothing more than quantitative. In taanios for rain, you start with the bigger people, and then include everyone, but I think that''s just to make sure that any sinners in town are doing teshuva, not to twist Anyone's arm. I think that more people is not different than greater volume.

  3. Obama "yimach shemo" presides over a nation that forks over $3.1 billion in military aid to Israel annually and has funded a huge portion of the vaunted Iron Dome that is now protecting b'chasdei Hashem millions of Jews in Eretz Yisroel. Israel has acquired special weapons under Obama that require specific presidential approval. A little perspective is in order.