Thursday, August 07, 2014

the myth of "never again"

The idea that post-Holocaust the world will not allow genocide to happen is a lie that has been proven so many times over.  The world would rather sit on its hands and look the other way, except of course if Jews can be blamed.  The latest example concerns 40,000 Yazidi Kurds and Christians trapped on Mount Sinjar surrounded by hostile ISIS forces.  The world knows about this – it has been in newspapers, in magazines, on the web.  Time magazine’s headline presents the choice these people face simply and starkly: remain on the mountain and starve or dehydrate as supplied run out, or come down and be massacred by ISIS.   While the U.N. wrings its hands and screams war crimes over 1500 Hamas killed (many of whom were terrorists), according to one report 1500 men from Mount Sinjar were killed just yesterday in cold blood in front of their wives and families.  45 children died of dehydration.  Parents are throwing their children off the mountain to their death rather than leave them to starve and die. 

40,000 people risk being massacred.  What did our government do yesterday?  Why they issued a statement of course, calling on “all parties in the conflict” to allow “humanitarian assistance” to pass through. 

I’m sure ISIS was very impressed and will be quick to throw down their arms.

There is no question here who are the good guys and who are the bad guys.  Even the leftists who castigate Israel have not stooped to defending ISIS.  And yet, the world lacks the moral backbone and courage to do anything about it.

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