Monday, October 06, 2014

bikur cholim - hakaras hatov for a resource that makes a huge difference

A family member recently had to spend time in the hospital and I to the extent that this is a public blog I want to publicly express my hakaras hatov to the folks who stock and maintain the hospital bikur cholim rooms and provide resources for frum patients and their families during their times of need.  I don't want to go into particulars here of the what and the where, but the truth is that it doesn't matter -- I think at almost every hospital now in NY there is some form of bikur cholim room or organization that provides food, comfort, and in many cases hospitality for Shabbos should the need arise.  Believe me, it makes a huge difference.  Not having to worry about where to find a kosher meal or how you will make Shabbos when there are so many other things on your mind to worry about is a huge relief. Just being able to grab a cup of coffee and look at a sefer or book in quiet for a few minutes is invaluable. It's also a community chessed that flies under the radar.  Especially this time of year, we are all hit with tzedaka appeals for yeshivos, for tomche shabbos, for shuls, etc. but I can't recall ever even getting an appeal for bikur cholim.  One reason reason why is because (at least in the two cases I am now familiar with) local restaurants and supermarkets step up to stock refrigerators with meals and snacks and the wonderful Satmar Bikur Cholim also pitch in to ensure that resources are available. I know in other communities there are other similar organizations that do the same.  It's a resource you never want to have to use, but one which you cannot give enough thanks for should you need it.  My thanks and appreciation m'umka d'liba.

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