Thursday, January 08, 2015

another step closer to the end of the West

To anyone who has been paying attention to events of the past few years, the attack in Paris yesterday was no surprise.  In Europe, violence is rewarded by appeasement (e.g. the French voting in favor of recognizing a Palestinian state) which in turn breeds greater demands and threats of more violence.  When the President of the US, Hussein Obama, declares to the UN that, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam,” what message do you think the world gets?

The reaction by the left is mostly predictable:
2)      Redefine the perpetrators as just someextremists acting on their own beliefs rather than members of a specificcommunity or religion (kind of like saying the Nazis weren’t such bad guys –why judge the whole movement based on the bad apples who had a Jew hangup?)
3)      Justify the attacks based on the actions of thevictims, e.g. claiming depictions of the Prophet that are demeaning are hate speech, incitement, etc.
All that’s missing is step #4, which is blame the Jews/State of Israel, and that’s bound to follow. 
And so the world marches along toward another dark age…


  1. re #4, see the comments to

    1. I saw the article yesterday. Replying to the nuts is a waste of time -- you won't convince them. I think articles like that one are great -- the left shows its true colors and displays just how sick and twisted they are. Of course, if the majority of the world is sick and twisted it doesn't help -- if everyone is crazy, then craziness is the new normal. That's the situation we are in.

    2. I love it!
      Crazy is the new normal.