Wednesday, July 01, 2015

in a different league of bitachon

I assume everyone has seen this clip of Eliezer Rosenfeld at the funeral for his son hy"d, but in case you haven't:

My son recently told me a vort b'shem RYBS that the machlokes whether to pasken like Beis Shamai or Beis Hillel, whether to pasken like those who are sharper (Shamai) or the majority (Hillel), is an issue only if both sides are in the same league.  But if those who are sharper are so sharp that they are on a different level completely, then the halacha follows that view.  Halacha is like Rabbi Eliezer all over even against a rov because he was on a different level.  RYBS held that it doesn't matter if there is a majority against R' Chaim on certain issues -- R' Chaim is on a different level than everyone else (see Nefesh haRav).

At least relative to where I am holding. it seems that there are people who are just on a different level and are in a different league of emunah and bitachon.  When you see a clip like this, when you see the courage and strength shown, for example, by Rachel Fraenkel last summer in the face of tragedy, it really helps put things in perspective.  Klal Yisrael cries with them over their loss; hopefully Klal Yisrael will take heart and chizuk and grow from their demonstration of emunah. 

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