Saturday, October 22, 2016

she'hechiyanu on a new kiyum mitzvah (but not a new ma'aseh mitzvah)

There was a boy called up to the Torah as a bar mitzvah this morning in shul.  My wife asked me an interesting question: would the bar mitzvah have to make a she'hechiyanu tomorrow morning when he takes his lulav and esrog?  My peirush to  question: even though the bar mitzvah boy has been doing the mitzvah of lulav from day #1 of the chag, that was a kiyum of the mitzvah of chinuch.  Tomorrow will be the first day in which he is doing netilas lulav as a kiyum of netilas lulav.  Would you say that the new kiyum mitzvah of netilas lulav obligates him to say she'hechiyanu even though it is the same ma'aseh mitzvah he has been doing all week? 

[Update: take a look at the Tosefes Bikurim at the back of the Aruch LaNer on Sukkah, siman 637.]

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  1. Interesting. Listen to this sevara (based on Rav Yoshe Ber Soloveichik on why no shehechiyanu on sefiras ha'omer - it is zecher lemikdash bechurbana.) So when you make shehechiyanu on first day it is for mitzvas netilas lulav. On any other day it is ecause of netila but only as zecher lemikdash (bebinyana). So if the katan made shehechiyanu on 1st day which is midioraissa of lulav, when he becomes a gadol on another day it is a new mitzvah - netilas lulav of zecher lemikdash bibinyana. But if he made shehechiyanu on 2nd or later day and became a gadol on a later day, he would not make another shehechiyanu because he already made shehechiyanu on netila of zecher lamikdash (as a katan).