Monday, March 11, 2019

Mayim achronim

An interesting halacha: if you only have a limited amount of water and can either wash mayim achronim after your second shabbos meal or save the water to wash mayim rishonim and eat seuda shlishis, MG"A paskens to wash mayim achronim and skip seudah shlishis.  (Quoted lhalacha by aruch hashulchan 181:6, but I could not find it in the M"B).


  1. thoughts on this

  2. "skip seudah shlishis"

    skip? why not eat some mezonos (no washing) at a third meal, [especially] given that Shemos 16:25 makes ONLY 2 references to manna (eechluchu & timtza'u'hu) amid its 3 uses of 'hayom'