Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Shoalin vDorshin

The din of learning hilchos hachag in preparation for the chag does not appear in hilchos talmud Torah -- it appears at the beginning of hilchos pesach.  This suggests that it is a din in dinei Yom tov, not in limud hatorah.  Nafka minah: there is no din of osek bmitzvah patur min hamitzvah by talmud Torah, but there is by other mitzvos.

Rashi in sukkah 25 writes that one who goes to a shiur to learn is patur from sukkah.  Once upon a time in the past ( we learned that the reason there is a ptur of oseik bmitzvah here for talmud Torah is because learning on Yom tov is a kiyum of simchas Yom tov.  Rav Baruch Povarski says a different pshat.  The case Rashi is speaking about is where the person is learning hilchos hachag.  That's not a din in talmud Torah - it's a din in celebrating Yom tov.

Another nafka minah to this question is whether women have a chiyuv to learn hilchos hachag b'chag or not.

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  1. "one who goes to a shiur to learn"; "someone who is travelling to learn Torah" (2015)

    Rashi also writes, at Shemos 24:18, that Moshe travelled under a chupah to hear divrei Torah par excellence; as chupah approximates sukkah, he was all the while like a dweller within...

    {one can maybe double down here: Moshe in this pasuk came within a cloud; Rashi equates the sukkah with clouds of glory}