Tuesday, April 06, 2021

bad choices

 Not even three months into the Biden/Harris mess and:

1) The State Dept has resumed referring to Yehudah and Shomron as "Occupied Territory."

2) Millions of dollars in aid have been restored to the Palestinians.

3) Sanctions and restrictions placed on ICC investigators examining "human rights" violations and "war crimes" by Israel have been lifted.

4) The Administration is willing to do whatever it takes to appease Iran and get then to the bargaining table.

TDS so warped the thinking of some members of our community that they voted for Biden even given his support of these policies that endanger Israel and its security.  

As for major Jewish organization that have buried their heads further in the sand and decided to "pivot away from politics," this is not politics.  Politics is whether or not you support a tax increase, or whether you prefer to subsidize green energy or build a pipeline, etc.  This is about Jewish lives being put in danger.   

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  1. least likely scenario:

    Ron Klain, Doug Emhoff, Melissa Cohen Biden, Howard Krein, Antony Blinken, all attend an Xtreme Teshuva weekend in perfectly good faith.

    in the Oval Office the Monday after, while Emhoff restrains Harris, and Cohen Biden along with Krein restrain the defiant arms of mighty Joe, Klain signs first, an executive order declaring The United States of America vassal to The Glorious Nation of Israel, and second, a presidential blank check for 1 trillion dollars to the Jewish National Fund. over at State, Blinken orders the banner of stars and stripes removed and reattached >under< a waving Star of David. Janet Yellen, also in attendance at the Xtreme weekend, simultaneously instructs the mint to replace all visages on American paper currency with only a floating Crown, effective immediately, al kiddush Hashem...