Monday, January 31, 2022

were there no good bar-b-que joints in Lita?

Aruch haShulchan 69:22

ודע דכמה מהפוסקים כתבו בדיני מליחה דכשבצלי ההיתר ברור ובבישול אין ההיתר רק בהפ"מ אין להתיר בבישול כיון שאפשר בצלי ולי נראה דבמדינתנו לא שייך זה דאנו רואים בחוש שאין אנו בקיאים בצליית בשר על האש ובמעט שהולך לאיבוד 

I don't know how to cook, but even I can manage to grill a piece of meat!

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  1. When Arukh haShulchan Yomi was at that se'if, a bunch of us discussed the same question on Facebook.

    I believe R YM Epstein is taking about roasting in a way that kashers in particular. That whatever it is Chazal described, they were not consistently producing, and that meat roasted to the point of the blood running out tended to end up burned and wasted. Presumably only regular, muscle meat, as we know they kashered livers that way.

    In any case, we know they grilled meat in Lita 115 years ago. Turn to Hilkhos Pesach and the AhS's discussion of the minhag not to have roasted meat at the seder.