Sunday, February 12, 2023

a mussar haskel from the super bowl

When you are about to close your gemara, what if instead  of doing that you push yourself for just one more minute of learning?  Just 60 more seconds?  I know what you're thinking -- what difference can one minute make?  What's one more minute of Torah worth?

Just before maariv tonight I heard someone mention that sponsors pay a million dollars for a minute of super bowl advertising.  The truth is that this person was off by a lot -- a million dollar ad would be a bargain.  Most ads this year cost in the range of six to seven million dollars.

It dawned on me afterwards that this is a tremendous mussar haskel for us.  What is a minute of time really worth?  You know how many minutes I personally waste on a daily basis?  Yet here we have companies willing to give up 7 million dollars just for one minute of our time, just to try to take a shot in that one minute of getting us to buy another beer or bag of chips or something like that.

If a minute of time to get us to buy a beer is worth seven million dollars, what do you think that one minute of Torah is worth?   


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  2. and imagine how much a team would pay to add or take off a minute from the game clock