Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The "Litvishe Admor"it"

Interesting article on Rebbetzin Kanievsky (in Hebrew). A sample:

אישה במעמד רוחני בכיר, שמחלקת ברכות וסגולות, ואלפים נוהרים לפתחה. לא מדובר בתופעה שהפציעה משולי העולם החרדי, אלא מלב לבו של הציבור הליטאי. הביטוי "אדמו"ר ליטאי" נשמע עדיין מוזר, ובטח "אדמו"רית אישה". אבל במקרה הזה יש לנו עסק עם לא סתם אדמו"רית, אלא עם אדמו"רית ליטאית של ממש.

Rough translation – “A women in a spiritual leadership position, who distributes brachos and segulos, whom thousands seek out – this is not some phenomenon of a fringe element of the chareidi world, but from the very heart of the Lithuanian community. The term “Litvishe Admo”r” is strange, and certainly more so the term “Mrs. Admori”t”. But in this case we deal not just with any “Admor”it”, but with a “Litvishe Admori”t”, one who is the genuine article."


  1. People who used to come to R. Gedalya Nadel ZL for a bracha were directed (sarcasically) by him to her door.

    Gmar Chatima Tova.

  2. Mike S.1:43 PM

    Didn't have time to address this before yom tov, but what kind of word is "Admorit"? Since Admo"r is an acronym, shouldn't the feminine form be formed by feminizing the components and thus be something like gavma"g? (I think the feminine of both adoneinu and rabbeinu would be g'virteinu, since a rabbanit is married to rather than equivalent to a rav, although I suppose Rebbetzin Kanievesky could be referred to that way as well and then be a gavma"r or something)?