Friday, September 21, 2007

tshuvah thought and piyus

In the spirit of piyus, I ask mechila for things I wrote and things I should have written but didn’t.

I’m just musing aloud: I wish I had the same task of tshuvah that my kids learn about in school – do the things you are told to do, listen to people you are supposed to listen to, and avoid the things you are told to avoid. It seems that as life gets more complex, tshuvah gets more complex – voices you are suppose to listen to offer contrary advice, the “right” thing to do is never as clear as it should be, and avoiding one wrong may open a pandora’s box of other trouble. The temptation of doing wrong is often less troublesome than the ta’aroves of tov and ra that most of us face.

If I could boil down out tefilos into one sentence, it would be the request to always be aware of what the ratzon Hashem is, and to always have siyata d’shemaya and the chochma, lev, and ratzon to carry it out.

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  1. Have a G'mar Chasima Tova.

    Not sure why you need mechila for things you should have written but didn't.