Friday, January 31, 2014

Adar - good mazal

Chazal tell us that the even though the companions travelling with Daniel did not see the same vision he did, they still reacted with fear because their mazal saw (Meg 3).  Sometimes you can’t explain why you react a certain way – you can’t pinpoint a particular thing you saw, or heard, or give a reason – but something deep inside gets stirred up.  Mazal is that thing deep inside.

Adar is the month in which we do battle with and defeat Amalek.  Who did Amalek attack?  They went after the stragglers who were outside the ananei hakavod.  Amalek is not after the talmidei chachamim, righteous Jews, people who are involved and Torah and mitzvos.  Amalek goes after the guy who feels he has no connection, Judaism is not for him, he is not part of the camp. 

Adar brings with it good mazal (Ta’anis 29b).  Good luck may help you win the lottery, but good mazal is even better, because it means you've won the spiritual lottery.  Good mazal means that even if a person cannot sense it, cannot explain it, cannot even feel it in his neshoma – he’s as blind and deaf to Judaism as Daniel’s companions were to what Daniel saw around him -- still, there is something deep inside that is connected, that is awake.  Amalek can’t win because even stragglers have mazal.

(Based on R’ Tzadok haKohen in Pri Tzadik.)

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